Automotive Sales Event Logos

Logo Design • Malvern • Pennsylvania

At Stream, one of our responsibilities as a designer was to develop monthly sales event logos for dealerships to use throughout the year to promote sales.

I chose a few logos that best reflect my ability to design graphics that play upon words and tie in with a seasonal theme.

The “Ball-Drop Jaw-Drop Sales Event” logo reflects a New Year’s theme by using shades of gold, a circular shape, and stark contrast.

The “Light Up The Summer Sales Event” logo plays upon the idea of fireflies in the night sky over a lake in the summertime. I think the color palette is cool, cozy and unique for a summer-themed graphic.

The “Ghostly Great Sales Event” logo features an unconventional Halloween color scheme, by using blues, purples, and yellows. My favorite part of this logo is the friendly ghost floating around the text because I think its transparency offers an extra dose of spookiness to the logo.

“The Fall for All Sales Event” logo has a vibrant color scheme that reflects the autumn foliage. The typography offers a whimsical feel, especially with its subtle italics and decorative flourishes on the capital letters.

The “Rake in the Savings Sales Event” logo plays upon the idea of raking leaves during the Fall. My use of color comes from elements already within the design, such as the brown from the rake, the orange from the autumn leaves, and the green to represent savings. I rested the rake against the main shape of the logo for a three-dimensional look.

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