Wild with Excitement Baby Shower Invitation

Millwood • New York

This was a fun personal project I created after having designed a successful baby shower invitation for my future sister-in-law. I wanted to challenge my design skills with a new theme so I browsed on Etsy for inspiration. I noticed this “Wild with Excitement” jungle theme and loved the idea of creating something with exotic animals in a rainforest setting. After browsing the cards on Etsy, I knew I could design something stronger than what was being shown. I created a more compelling scenario where the animals are hiding within the rainforest canopies and jungle plants. I played with the typography and ensured that it matched the theme, while remained playful enough for a baby shower invitation. I created matching envelope seals and thank you cards to complete the campaign. I uniquely presented the full campaign while displaying them on a wooden texture with jungle leaves lying underneath them.

Baby Shower Invitation, Envelope Seal and Thank You Cards
Personal Project