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Growing up, I knew I was different from most people around me. And for some time, I tried to change myself to fit in with everyone else, whether it was trying to change my appearance, or liking certain things because everyone else did.

As an adoptee from Colombia, I learned to love my story and everything that came with it. I learned about my strengths, passions and limitations. With time, I realized that my creativity made me stand out from the rest.

Over the years, I learned to stay true to myself and accept all the traits that make me unique. While studying Graphic Design in New York, my confidence and creativity flourished.

Along my journey, I learned to fuel my creativity and fill my soul with the things that mean the most to me. I enjoy inspirational and motivational quotes to get me through the tough days, capturing beautiful memories so I can revisit them for inspiration, and taking care of my mind and body so I can keep my ideas flowing.

My career has given me the opportunity to design for an array of different industries under some pretty unique platforms. I started out designing restaurant menus and promotional materials for various establishments in the Hudson Valley. Later, I moved on to helping local companies simplify their branding so it would be effective on supermarket advertising.

A turning point in my career was landing a job at Stream Companies, and relocating to Philadelphia, PA to design automotive advertisements for local and regional dealerships across the country.

Every experience and project I meet is an opportunity to learn and grow. I am very grateful to have been able to work with many people, industries, and situations because I have learned many lessons throughout my career. I have learned to embrace myself, my creativity, and become one of the strongest designers in my industry – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Maria Zafiropoulos

Maria Zafiropoulos

Graphic Designer

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