My name is Maria Zafiropoulos. I was born in Bogóta, Colombia, raised in New York, and now I reside outside of Philadelphia; all cities filled with colorful art at every corner. With a background like mine, my surroundings have provided me with plenty of artistic inspiration, and a strong work ethic like no other.

A few recommendations

Testimonials from some of my past clients and former colleagues.

“Maria is a consummate professional, whose commitment to excellence is second to none! In addition, she is an absolute joy to work with!”

Danilo Cummings

COO, Think Inspired

“Maria is one of the best graphic artists I have ever had the pleasure working with! Her unique designs and detailed work made her one of the best in her field. She knows just how to create her own design and make any ad, website, menu or personal card stand out from the rest!”

Marianne DeMasi

Chase Media Group

“Maria is one of the best designers I ever worked with. Her efficiency and attention to detail always shows through her work. It was a pleasure working with her.”

Phil Andrianos

Digital Media Specialist, CYBRA

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